Photo of the Week: A Vanity Plate Worth Getting

There’s only one thing I don’t understand about this plate.   Couldn’t this person have added the “H?”  I’m pretty sure they could have.   From what I know about license plates (which is very little) I’m quite certain you can have eight characters.

Eh, whatever.   I think this is pretty awesome.  What would be better is if the driver were always dressed as the Dark Lord himself.   Sucks because now when I think of Dark Lord, Harry Potter comes to mind just as much as Star Wars.  Oh well.

Anyway, nice plate buddy.

  • Daywalker27

    Sorry, you can only have 7 characters on a licence plate. I know this because others have pointed out the licence plate for the DeLorean in ‘Back to the Future’, “OTTATIME” can’t leagally exist because it exeeds the 7 character limit.

    And yes it would be awsome if Darth Vader was driving, with Darth Sidius riding shotgun and whatevers left of Darth Maul in the back seat.

  • Mikey

    It should have read “DRTH V8R”

    And Daywalker is right. There is a 7 character limit

  • Gil

    I saw a plate a couple months back that said “TIE FGTR”. Wish I had taken a picture of it.

  • Bad Acid

    I was tempted to get “JGRNAUT” for my full size, dark red sedan (2012 Taurus). Bought a 7-8″ Juggernaut doll to sit in one of the back seats instead (Woulda blocked the window too much if I put it up there 😛 )

  • Kat

    I followed a car that had a license plate that said JEDDEYE, and the plate frame read: “You are following a” on the top and “Master” on the bottom