Photo of The Week: A Great Use of the Force

So simple yet so effective.   We just never stop to think that Vader may very well have a life just like that of our own.   I mean sure he’s an evil dictator who instills fear in his Stormtroopers.   And yes, he kills by simple use of the force.

But does he not go to the bathroom?  Does he not eat?  Take a shower?   Things we never seem to think about with our Dark Lord Villains.   And you know that he would never stoop to squeezing his own oranges in the morning.

The death star bowl is a nice touch.

  • Rbourn

    Well the thing with Vader is that no he doesn’t do any of those things. He’s trapped in the suit, fed by tubes, and relies on colostomy bags etc. for waste. That’s why his life is so crap and why he is such a murderous sith.

    It is also implied occasionally that the Emperor got him addicted to pain-killing drugs to further control him.

    Obviously none of that depth-building stuff is in the films. But I think Vader can safely be considered bigger than just the actual movies now. And his state in the films does imply everything I have just written. He only takes even the helmet off in the special hyperbaric chamber in “Empire”. When he takes it off in “Jedi”, he dies. Luke even says so.

    So Vader, not so much, Voldemort though, I would love to hear how he gets his breakfast.

  • 7eggert

    Orange juice might react badly with milk. I once drank coke and milk …