Oh So THAT’S Why It’s Batman vs. Superman


I’m not going to make a whole post about the stupid new title of “Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” but I figured I’d slide it in here. Many people think Dawn of Justice sounds idiotic. It does, but I’m more concerned about the “V.” What is this, a court case?

Anyway, I really like this new cover art from Jae Lee which shows Superman macking on Catwoman, which is a pairing I can’t say I ever thought of. I love how the cat is pushing her butt towards him, and how he’s about two seconds away from getting decked by Batman. Or Bruce is about two seconds away from breaking his hand on Clark’s iron jaw.

[via Geek-Art]

  • dman

    Or… he could be tapping him on the shoulder- beckoning him back to bed? I mean, truthfully- look at it again and tell me you don’t see that?!?