Now That’s an Imperial Walker

Funny because just today someone literally wrote to me “Unreality loves Star Wars.”  As if that’s something to be ashamed of!  Of course we do.  Who the hell doesn’t love Star Wars.

And any chance we get to post cool pictures relating to the franchise we will.   I came across this beauty the other day and had to share it. I’ve seen old school shopped Star Wars photos before and this is definitely one of my favorites.


  • Surly Canadian

    We’ve seen this picture on this site before. In the last 4 weeks or so, too.

  • Sam
  • Steve

    I for one don’t like Star Wars. People always bitch about how bad the new trilogy is. The original one however was also ridiculous as shit. Harrison Ford was the only redeeming quality, otherwise: overrated, childisch toy movies.

  • Josh

    I swear you guys just had this picture on the site within the last month.

  • Josh


    This isn’t even the first thing you’ve reposted, it’s pretty common. Maybe take a break from writing when you run into a block instead of pulling an archived article and pretending it’s new?

  • Chillllll

    We both browse similar internet locations to find pictures and content. I write my stuff the day of, Natty writes his in advance so this happens on occasion. Not a huge deal, but feel free to keep yelling about it.

  • thats pretty cool.. remind me the movie “wild wild west” with will smith and the machine the crazy scientist made!

  • Josh

    Dude, I don’t care why there are doubles, I just care that thet exist. Maybe one of those internet locations you both browse should be so you don’t take stuff they’ve already done. Writing a duplicate article is far different from posting a duplicate article.

  • Rob

    Love it, so good it was post twice

  • Aleina
  • BobaFett

    TRUE Story. I’m 39, and my kids are 8 and 5. I’ve been trying to introduce them to Star Wars for their whole lives. My son still resists a bit (although he likes the Clone Wars cartoons), but my daughter LOOOOOVES the Walkers. She will watch the Hoth scenes over and over…I’d say she’s seen them 50 times.

    In my house there are no prequels, but my daughter already knows about them from schoolmates.

  • Chris K

    Do you guys EVER post the links to all the artists’ pictures you use? To sort of give credit?

  • We do all the time man. The only instances when we don’t is when the picture we find is just a jpg with no other accompanying info, like this one. If you know who made this, feel free to share.