Nicolas Cage Being the Star of Everything

I feel like it’s been a really long while since we’ve seen some funny Nicolas Cage stuff.   Remember that really wacky Tumblr page that displayed Nicolas Cage in extremely weird situations and as really weird objects?  That was over a year ago but I distinctly remember seeing him as an animal and if memory serves, a hamburger.

Well it looks like a Facebook Page has cropped up that decided to take entries from people who like to photoshop Nic Cage into movie posters.   It’s a French page that basically means “Nicolas Cage as Other Faces.”   Needless to say it’s extremely entertaining and we of course have some of the funnier entries.

The quality is eh, but it really doesn’t matter…..

  • LordJotunheim

    And best one yet 🙂

  • gyp

    I actually made this one a while ago:
    Didn’t know there existed another Avengers Cage.

  • Farrem

    It’s a Brazilian page, not french.

  • anon

    This meme is so old it requires carbon dating.

  • Zanersky

    “The Shining” collage is so amazingly made XD