New Favorite Thing: The Hawkeye Initiative

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Oversexualization of females in pop culture, particularly comic books, is nothing new unfortunately. It’s happened for years, and often times, has reached levels that reach past sexy and simply go to silly.

The idea of the Hawkeye Initiative is to point out that absurdity. I can’t be sure, but I believe it was inspired by this picture, which imagines what the Avengers would look like if they all craned their spines into T&A  poses like Black Widow. In the blog, readers are asked to find comic panels where female heroes are ridiculously posed, and then to redraw Hawkeye in the same position.

This obviously makes for some hilarious results, but it also plays into a point I made with a post earlier when these sort of issues were cropping up in regards to video games. I argued that while an exaggerated female form was looked at as overly sexual by outsiders, a male posed the same way would simply be thought of as goofy. Therefore, it’s much, much harder to “sexualize” male character the same way that females are, without it coming across as comedy. Hawkeye proves that point here.

I guess the lesson is that just because females and males both have idealized bodies in comic books, that doesn’t mean the poses have to be overtly sexual for the ladies to the degree at that they are. I mean, often times these artists are literally defying biology and physics to ensure that somehow crotches, boobs and asses can all be prominently on display in a singular pose. Check out the gallery below to see what I mean.

hawkeye initiative 2


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