Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Bat Stamps!

(click to enlarge)

And you now have the Batman theme song stuck in your head.

This rather cool modern art project shows what it might be like if the US Government could actually be bothered to make some awesome stamps for a change. I’m sick of the Liberty Bell damnit!

They feature America’s favorite hero, Batman in a variety of poses. What, you think Superman is our favorite hero? Please, that’s so 1965.

Stamps made by koinogenki.

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  • Dexter Morgan

    I always have the Batman theme song playing in my head. That’s how I get through my day.

  • Nick Smith

    If the postal service made this, people would actually buy it. But, they’re going bankrupt. I hope they go bankrupt, I hate post office.

  • Amber Rose

    @ Nick Smith: Yeah, screw those millions of employees! They all deserve to be jobless! I hate people with jobs, the should all just kill themselves! (rolls eyes)

  • Rey

    If only the art in the actual comic looked that gorgeous. And the artists knows to sweep the ears back to give a sense of forward momentum, instead of forward, making him look like a doberman pinscher.