Most Likely the Nerdiest Tattoo on the Planet

I’ve seen a lot of geeky tatttos in my day, but this is no ordinary Triforce or Master Chief helmet. It’s an amalgam of a bunch of nerdy franchises, all put together in one body.

Samus, Link, Mega Man, Cloud and Boba Fett all combine to make one super nerd icon that is naturally worth having on your body forever. The brave man in question is Jason Willmore, a Navy man who will likely put you on your ass if you call him a dork.

So, I’m thinking a Han Solo/Kratos/Mario/Marcus Fenix combination on the other shoulder. Maybe throw in a Starfox tail for good measure.

  • Nick

    Is it just me or is it all a bit too obvious to be nerdy. I’d call it geeky, possibly, but it’s pretty mainstream.

  • America

    Like, I totally agree Nick, this guy is late to the party. Believe me, I was an amalgamation of franchises way before it was mainstream.

  • Fat

    Hipsters, both of you!

  • Female

    I think him knowing what it is, is nerdy enough.

  • That guy

    *Facepalm*… My god, Damn hipsters let dude have is day and get off his DICK!!!

  • Bam Stroker

    To be honest, I think MegaLink JangoSamus is a bad ass tattoo. Its not on your body. Its on his. So, Hipsters, Go fuck yourself.

  • BattKattColourBlak

    Yo, seriously? America person, please tell me that you are MOCKING hipsters…GRAH…anywho, that tattoo is awesome, I admire the guy that got it. But. But. But. I think I’ll stick to my little Triforce. Heh.

  • Kraedi

    It is too poorly categorized. Three Nintendo Characters [given one is Capcom, it is more associated with being a Nintendo game], one Sony/Squaresoft game, and one movie character?

    Too much. Just too much.

  • Wow this is definitely a original tattoo, regardless of it being geeky. It would look good on someone with skinny legs.

  • Tony Stark

    I see Metroid, Star Wars, Final Fantasy VII, Rockman & Zelda.

  • Jason Willmore

    Thanks for the props I appreciate it. It is actually pretty geeky if you grew up playing “The Legend of Zelda”, “Mega Man 2”, “Metroid”, and “Final Fantasy 7” when they all first came out. As for the Boba head, my favorite character from Star Wars since I was little.

  • Ash Ketchum

    I don’t see any pokemon there -_-….

  • Kraedi

    What about the hand holding the bustersword? What is that from? It looks familiar, but its clearly not part of any of the characters that makes up the rest of the body.

  • Xviadd

    thats awesome, but where’s the pikachu tail?