Easily The Best Use of Spare Time I’ve Seen in a While


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From the guy who made this:

I got really bored at work today, made this in excel, helped pass the time.

And since I found this on Reddit, here is my favorite response:

As a younger redditor, the frequency of “bored at work” posts like this confuse me. don’t you get in trouble for stuff like this? why weren’t you doing your work? did you really not have any work to do? i don’t mean to sound judgemental, im just genuinely curious. i have no idea how real office jobs actually work.

So innocent yet so true.  What the hell are you people doing all day?  I can sit here and admit that I’m writing this post as we speak but it’s my job.  Then again I used to be an office worker and know that the average American works maybe 30 min out of the 8 hours they have.  And that’s being generous.

So for all you Mike Tyson Excel creators out there, keep doing it.  You don’t really have to work at your job and if you get that bored, put that stuff on a site and make money for it.



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