Man Builds Bionic Hands from Scrap Metal

I would imagine that many of you saw the movie Iron Man.   Well in real life there is no Tony Stark.   There is no Iron Man.   And in reality to do what Tony Stark did would probably take years upon years to do.   Amazingly enough there’s a story of a guy that I consider to be the real life Stark (to a small extent).  And that man is Sun Jifa.

Sun Jifa, a 51-year-old Chinese man who lost his hands while he was building a bomb for blast fishing, managed to build himself bionic arms after 8 years of planning and creating many prototypes. He couldn’t afford hospital’s prosthetics limbs but still had to work on the family farm, so he decided to build his own.   And 8 years later, this is the result.

Check out the pics after the jump

This guy is pretty amazing if you ask me.  Thanks to 365jilin for the photos


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