Look Upon These Watchmen Covers and Despair


Dave Gibbons was tasked with designing the covers for the French version of Watchmen, and it’s clear from the final prints that he delivered. Nearly all the main characters are featured, though my favorite has to be chubby Nite Owl, who looks like a sausage in a casing.

You can check out the full series below, and watch the clock count to midnight. I need to go read this again, it’s been too long. I really didn’t hate the movie as much as everyone else did either, though I suppose I’m something of a Zack Snyder apologist. Anyway, see the collection below:





  • David R

    That Dr. Manhattan one is super cool. That movie’s really something else — I gotta give Snyder credit for taking his 300 clout and making something so weird and distinctive. It’s actually the only movie of his I can wholeheartedly say that I like.

    • Seriously, man. I mean, I’ve enjoyed all of Snyder’s films on some level or another, but Watchman is just amazing. Most of the criticisms I’ve heard about the film imply that the critic didn’t understand (or read) the comic in spite of their insistence to the contrary.

      • David R

        The one criticism I genuinely agree with is that Matthew Goode was miscast (though I’ve liked him in other things). That said, the sensational delivery of Manhattan, Comedian, and Nite Owl more than makes up for it.