20 Cool Logos that Use Negative Space

I’m sure you all know we love to dabble in the world of the “unreal.”  On occasion we get a little off track in terms of our content.  I mean we love to stick with movies, video games, and TV but that’s why we have “unreal stuff” in our credo.   So today I wanted to share something I thought was pretty cool.

These are logos that have negative space.  Negative space is the area that the design leaves around the image that conveys the meaning of the logo.   Because our eyes only seem to focus on the positive space, the negative space is often ignored or not seen.   It is actually somewhat of an optical illusion when you really think about it.

Check out the images after the jump….

  • Metallimetal

    Surprised that no one commented on this… Excellent gallery! Makes me wanna try and see what I might be able to come up with.

  • BOLT

    Thought I would definitely see the FEDEX arrow between the E & X which is similar to the project construction

  • Jake

    Happy to find this new string of negative space logos… I’ve seen all the others reblogged many times but this is an excellent collection! Thanks for sharing!