Live Action Halo 4 Series Trailer Goes Better than Expected


You know how Halo has had live-action commercial for the past few games that everyone ooos and ahhhs over? Well, they thought it would be a good idea to spend a relative ass-ton of cash to turn them into a full-fledged series. The trailer above is for “Forward Unto Dawn,” a new live-action web series coming this fall that has something to do with the plot of Halo 4.

It takes place at a training academy for soldiers, and it’s actually a rather brilliant concept, as it’s aiming the show directly at the age group that’s likely the most excited about it. It’s a little bit Hunger Games plus Ender’s Game, but as you’ll see by the end, it’s not just starring kids the whole time.

I  don’t know, I was skeptical in the first half, but was won over by the time it ended. Could actually be pretty cool. What do you think?


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