Sad Impersonations of Celebrities and Superheroes

Sometimes you wonder what goes on in the minds of artists out there.   I mean I completely understand dolling people up with make up and having them dress in nice clothes for a photo shoot.   Hell I can understand sadness as a great means of expression and art.

I get shapes.  I get sizes.  I get putting together garbage in a certain way to give the viewer the impression of surrealism.   But sometimes I think people are just depressed.  And when you get that sometimes you get a form of art you’ve never seen.   This is a curious series of superhero and celebrity impersonators’ portraits created by LA-based photographer Nicolas Silberfaden.

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  • alvaro

    Both catwoman turn me on

  • k dub

    I see a couple of these people in front of the Kodak theatre in Hollywod. I consider them Cos-Play reject rejects. Nothing more than pan handlers in crappy outfits who bully tourists into taking thier pics with them and demanding money.

  • Perkins

    That Rambo-guy is “famous” for his appearances in Spain (and southamerica I suppose); apparently he earns money taking photos with “fans” (I hate that kind of people)…

    Enjoy =)

  • Perkins

    k dub said it way better than me =)

  • some guy

    alvaro, there is only one cat woman and bat girl, not two

  • Zaggnita

    I must say, the Aquaman dude is…awesome.

  • Vonter

    Man, Batman ate a lot of Batburgers.

  • Lefunneh

    I think a lot of the female ones would look better if the girl looked like she wasn’t just crying. Like seriously, did anyone else notice all of the girls look like they’ve been crying?