Lion Vs. Cougar


I think this is the first time I’ve seen a picture of a human with a lion (could be a liger or some half breed but who cares?) where I feared for the animal considerably more than I feared for the human.

I mean seriously.  Who in the hell is this woman?  Doesn’t she just irk the hell out of you?  I feel like she’s got cats and dogs and God knows what else in some back room.

And we all know why she has them.  I refuse to say it out loud.  Yuck.

  • Madison

    Catherine the Great was a mere amateur.

  • Rollerbowski

    Isn’t that the lead singer from White Snake?

  • Anon y Mouse

    Fear the stap on.

  • Anon y Mouse

    Fear the strap on.

  • dug

    That’s Sarah Connell, a wildlife conservationist, who has helped rescue over 2,500 lions to date from sub-saharan Africa. Way to make her accomplishments in wildlife preservation seem like she’s a lion rapist, dickweed. Next time do some research before you try to post some bullshit that’s not even funny in the first place. I hope you get kicked in the balls for being such a douche. Why don’t you go blog about some other animal that’s going instinct instead of making fun of this lady. Har har har, asshole.

  • That looks like a liger. Not a lion for sure. too big.

  • Voltara

    Sir, are you suggesting this women engages ins sexual intercourse with animals? Sure, she appears to be a pervert and is likely a person of low morals, however the lion seems content.

  • herojuana



    Lead singer of Whitesnake.


  • courtney

    Hey Dug,

    It’s extinct ahole. Next time learn to spell before you post some bullshit that’s not even smart in the first place. I hope you get kicked in the balls being such a douche…who can’t spell. Har har har yourself.

  • Er… That’s a lioness.

    …Dug 1, douches 0!

  • @Dug- I believe you that this woman is some conservationist, and good for her, but she IS making a super creepy face. That picture is disturbing regardless.
    And seriously, to complain about what someone puts on their own blog, really? I mean that’s like going into someones house and complaining about the decor, it’s their house man, you don’t like it don’t come over.

  • Emily

    Oh, Dug.
    It’s time to stop being such an asswipe.

    P.S. She IS cupping that poor lion’s ass. I mean, really?