The Worst (And Best) Lindsay Lohan Picture of All Time


At first I kind of thought to myself, “man this picture just sucks.”  I mean you initially look at it and think bad thoughts.  It’s ugly, plain ugly.  But then it starts to grow on you.  And here’s why.

You kind of know that it’s a hot chick so it doesn’t really phase you all that much.  But then when you dig deeper can you think of a photo that epitomizes the life and times of Lindsay Lohan as much as this?  It’s like her whole life was wrapped up into her face.

Honestly this thing is classic and should be framed in people’s homes as a model of what NOT to grow into as an adult.

  • FrankenPC

    Can someone enlighten me as to why Lohan is relevant at all? I mean, did she historically ever do anything that was really noteworthy?

  • Josh

    She did Mean Girls which is one of the more underrated comedies in recent memory. That should count for something, right? Right?

  • cameron

    that’s not lohan! that picture looks like her mom or grandmother.

    sheesh. seeing her as that little daiper stain in her first movie and looking at her in this picture…the years have not been kind.

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