This About Sums Up Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

I’ve gone on record in saying I respect Lady Gaga as a singer.  After all the girl went to Tisch, could have gone to Juilliard, has a very good voice, and is a highly skilled pianist.

I’m also going on record in saying I respect her ability to do her own thing, and make an incredibly successful brand for herself.

But that does not mean I have to, or you have to like this stuff.  I mean, really?  She looks like some kind of Phantom Gaga or something.  I’ve got nothing else.

Eminem is saying it all.

  • Pepe Veraz

    o_o WTF!!!!!!!!!!! it looks like some weird nurse from silent hill, what in earth was she thinking??

  • reminds me of the opening scene in “brütal legend” where that monster-nurse (or whatever) comes up this hill on that 4-armed machine^^

  • Cheryl

    I’m always impressed when I hear her in interviews. You expect her to be really off the wall or not that bright but when she speaks she sounds intelligent and is charming and funny. I respected her more when she said she doesn’t like using sex to sell her music and when you think about it she’s not ‘sexual’ the same way Brittney or Madonna were…she’s doing her own thing.

    P.S. What’s Tisch? I’ve heard it before on Gossip Girl but they didn’t explain it either, I believe Chuck Bass rolled his eyes and simply said “Tisch kids…” *shrugs*

  • Laudell

    Oy, she tries too damn hard to be original and just ends up failing miserably. She just wants attention, and to build a sort of mythology around herself as the next “eccentric sensation”.

  • xXburekXx

    am i the only one that wants her dead?

  • Xin

    I like her work. Not necessarily a lot of the music, but when I watch some of her music videos, I’m so thoroughly thrilled by the attention to detail that’s put into every aspect, from the direction, action, editing, costume and set design.

    The music video is a dead art, I know that because I’m a film student, and I’m sure you know that because MTV doesn’t even play music anymore. Gaga, it seems, still produces something that I’m amazed with.