Jaws: The Beginning


Sound in the John Williams score.  By the way, I’ve talked about this before but I’m not sure I have on this site.  Do you think that Jaws has had the most profound impact on real life than any other movie in history?  I argue that it does.

Yes, there are political movies and such that cause a rise out of people.  Some movies even lead to protest.  But can you honestly say a movie has had more of an effect on this wide an audience?

Put it this way.  How many people in the world do you think swim in the ocean and always think of Jaws when they do?  A few hundred million?  And since the movie came out (1975)?  It’s gotta be in the billions.  I mean people are still scared to swim in the ocean because of this movie and they will be for years to come.

Truly astounding.

  • Chris M

    Was it the movie that caused our cautionary reaction or was it that we finally realized that stepping into open waters made us part of the food chain? Interesting!

  • Kristoph

    I never swim in water deeper then me due to the thought of being attacked by a shark, though I was watching a documentary on sharks and it said that I am more likely to die of cancer then get killed by a shark, but I still don’t swim in deep water 🙂

  • Well how about In Cold Blood, which in turn changed a nations view point towards rural life?
    Of course people do not make the direct connection to it, but it has in turn created many horror films about how rural life is not the same as we used to think it was. Some obvious examples of this would be Friday the 13th and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
    In Cold Blood as well I would definitely think is an example of the same phenomena that you are saying that Jaws has to which it continues to have an impact on real life because nobody can only think of farm life and “living in the woods” in one positive light. It definitely does provoke fear withing millions otherwise these horror films with rural settings would not sell.