Kazu Kibuishi’s Official All-New Harry Potter Covers

Potter 6

A week or so ago, we brought you a pretty cool gallery full of unpublished cover art from the Harry Potter universe by Mary GrandPre, illustrator of the original covers. But now, scholastic is giving a new artist a shot at redesigning all seven covers for a new re-release of the books.

His name is Kazu Kibuishi, and his new art for each book is somewhat similar to the style of the old ones, but different as well, and it’s cool to see even more scenes from the novels animated. You can check out the other six below, and hope that someday, maybe JK Rowling will come back to the universe when she gets bored of writing serious grown-up books.

Potter 7


Potter 2


Potter 1


Potter 5


Potter 3


Potter 4

  • petrino

    i dont know… i consider the movies inferior to the books…and this just looks like he painted screencaps from the movies.

  • Pepper

    just in time for me to buy a new set… the old ones are falling apart after too much reading 🙁

  • MegaSolipsist

    I think the original cover for the fourth book was the best. That dragon was awesome.