The 15 Most “Punch in the Face” Worthy Justin Bieber Photos

If you’re under the age of 13 I’ll give you a free pass here.  I can’t blame a 5 year old for liking someone like Justin Bieber.   Hell when you’re 5 you like watching dogs poop just for the sake of it (though I kind of still find that amusing).  But if you’re a sane adult and you like Justin Bieber then I’m afraid you and I simply wouldn’t get along.

I feel like he’s the product of some kind of deal with the devil where millions of Americans are blinded by how awful this kid is.  And the blinding mechanism?  Bieber’s hair.  It’s like some sort of mirage we’re looking at that hypnotizes us into buying into his total fake personality.  I don’t get it.  I never will and I can’t stand the little punk.

And if you’re like me then you’ll love to hate these 15 pictures…..

This picture actually makes me want to beat myself up simply for the fact that I allowed myself to look at it.  Can SNL please just have this kid on again and make him the butt of every single joke imaginable?  He really needs to be put in his place at some point.

Check out these pictures if you dare or if you just want to get some energy before going to the gym