Just a Reminder of Childhood TV Awesomeness

Every once in a while I catch myself watching Nickelodeon or some other weird channel like the Hallmark channel and a nostalgic program might come on.  Usually it’s something from my childhood that I loved to watch.  It’s in these moments I miss those days and think how overall the programs today just don’t compare.

It doesn’t mean they’re not quality.  It just means I’m not a kid anymore.  Still though, I long for those days.  And I can tell you this.  These pictures will make you long for those days too…..

I’m pretty sure that nothing beats Duck Tales.  However, there are definitely some that are close.

More Childhood TV

  • JZ

    well done.

  • Ugo Strange


  • Metallimetal

    I’m 26 years old now, and I still wish that I could watch most of these shows. Some (albeit few) of these shows are available on Netflix, GAS, or Nicktoons, although, none of the teen shows can be found anywhere. I’ve talked with friends many times about how great it would be for Nickelodeon to make a channel dedicated to shows like Welcome Freshman, Hey Dude, Clarissa Explains it All, The Secret World of Alex Mack, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Round House, My Brother and Me, You Can’t Do That On Television, and of course Salute Your Shorts. I’m sure there could be a few shows that I failed to mention, but these are some of the shows I think about a lot, probably more often than I should.

    I’d like to think that the “Nick” shows of today are crap compared to what we had back in the day, but maybe it’s because I’m not a kid anymore and just don’t get today’s youth. That actually sounds weird to say something like that considering I’m only 26, but I think it’s true. Hell, once Doug, Rugrats, and a number of other shows started changing drastically or going off the air I really couldn’t stomach Nickelodeon. Also, with shows like South Park and Family Guy arriving years later, there was no turning back. Now there are so many good cartoons (or similar) for adults it’s almost too hard to keep track of them. Boondocks, Venture Bros., Aqua Teen Hunger Force, South Park, Family Guy, Frisky Dingo (while it lasted), Robot Chicken, and a slew of others. It’s a great time for animated shows!!!

    Once again, Nickelodeon needs a channel dedicated to there old teen shows… Who’s with me?

  • sam

    extreme lack of Darkwing Duck detected.

  • John

    What about Gargoyles! That was arguably one of the best cartoons of the 90’s.

    Yeah everyone was into Dragonball Z but Gargoyles actually had a plot that was wove mythologies from around the world together like a beautiful tapestry.

  • Metallimetal

    “I am the terror that flaps in the night!” I liked that show as well, but didn’t think that it fit into this topic, which is why I didn’t think to say it. Another reason why I might not mention it with the other cartoons is because it was purely aimed at a younger audience. Good show nonetheless! Also, wasn’t that cartoon on the Disney channel, or maybe (although I don’t think so) Fox?

  • Laura

    Rocko’s Modern Life?!

  • Drester

    Do I see the friend of John Conner in the Camp ..wann… picture?

  • JoeAndMarysOtherSon

    Yes, that’s him.

  • Steve

    Agreed that there should be a “Nickolstalgia’ station or something of the sort, but since my 2 favorite programs from that era are on dvd (Adventures of Pete and and Pete, and Ren and Stimpy), I can’t really complain. Though I do hate that I have to stay up till 2am these days if I wanna catch Rocko’s Modern Life.

  • Nomad

    The 90’s were the golden age for many things, nickelodeon being one of them. Only one thing to add: No love for Pete & Pete?

  • STX81

    OMG is that Airwolf! AWESOME!

  • Chris

    Nomad Sais: The 90′s were the golden age for many things, nickelodeon being one of them. Only one thing to add: No love for Pete & Pete?


    Oh I beg to differ. A lot of what you were watching on Nick was reruns from the 80s. Now that was definitely the decade to be a kid. We had the Goonies, WWF wrestling, Dukes of Hazard, Star Wars and Indiana Jones … enough said.