Joel Micah Harris’s Bizzare, Amazing Super Manatee Series


I’m sort of at a loss for words when it comes to Joel Micah Harris’s latest art project. He’s decided for whatever reason, that every major superhero needed to be turned into a manatee.

I have to say I agree.

The result is an expecedly hilarious gallery full of spandex wearing manatees from the JLA, X-Men, Avengers and more. I have literally no idea why this exists, but I’m exceedingly glad it does.


  • Caleb K

    You can buy them as T-Shirts! Got the Spider-Manatee shirt already, might buy more.

  • inviktus1983 .

    I have to say, I’m really not enjoying the way the user experience is suffering on this site lately.
    Just now, trying to view the gallery of manatee superheros, every other picture, that obnoxious full screen car ad would pop up. Yes, I know its only 30 seconds, but I don’t wish to view the same ad every other picture while browsing a short gallery of someone elses work you’re now generating ad revenue from. It turns me away from your site. Exceedingly disappointed.