Jabba the Hutt Fan Art

This is why I love the internet.   You guys know we love Star Wars.  You know we love the characters in Star Wars.   But unfortunately neither myself or Paul are that adept at drawing these characters in interesting ways.

Luckily there are artists out there who interpret and design Star Wars characters like it was their job.   Even more fortunate for you guys.  I’ve located a nice amount of pictures that focus on none other than Jabba the Hutt.

Enjoy the gallery after the jump…..

This one is entitled “Baby Jabba” and man oh man that’s weird.  Dare I say cute?  Nah.

More Jabba Fan Art Below – Thanks to Deviant Art Members for these.  If you want specific credit please drop us an email.

  • MetFanMac

    It’s “Hutt”. Unless you’re Pizza from “Spaceballs”.

  • Rikard

    HaHa first, and onely time ive seen a cute Jabba

  • My best friend went out with a girl who was the spitting image of jabba! I kid you not! She had more than jabba… mind you jabba wasnt really that hairy was he….?!