It’s Hard to Believe These Photoshop Fails Actually Happened

There’s always a time and place for a photoshop fail.  Those times and places are usually reserved for sites like this one.  We love to poke fun at people who clearly don’t know how to use the program and that botch some of their most precious pictures.  But when it comes to magazines, namely print ads, you really aren’t supposed to mess that stuff up.

Yet on a daily basis, print runs that looks absolutely awful.  We’re talking extra heads, hands, feet, missing body parts, ballooned body parts, you name it.

So check out these “professional” photoshops that failed miserably……

Thanks to PSdisasters for the photos.  Whose hand is that????

More fails below

  • Charlie Ward

    I got an unskippable video pop-up after every three pictures from something called “Break Media” that porports to “know guys”. And, with that, I have officially had it. I was willing to overlook the seedy ads on the side, because, you know, maybe Paul can’t GET ads from respectable sources, but this. . .? There is no reason, AT ALL, that this post couldn’t have fit onto one or two pages. It was clearly split into. . .let’s see. . .EIGHTEEN (!) out of nothing but sheer greed. I hope those ad hits were worth it, Paul, because you won’t be getting any more from me, and I’m positive that I can’t be the only one.

  • try adblock you dumbass.

  • agreewithcharlie

    Why should HE have to get Adblock just because a site he liked visiting has now overLOADED it’s content with garbage ads. – I agree with Charlie Ward. I don’t think Im going to visit unrealitymag anymore, and I was a daily visitor, the ads re getting ridiculous and i dont believe in adblock because i SUPPORT the idea of sites putting ads up to an EXTENT. – Ads are a necessary evil and I’ll support the notion of having a few ads up so that sites can provide better content, but for FUCKs SAKES, recently unrealitymag’s ads FARRRR outweigh it’s value and content – you can find all this shit on reddit anyways. Goodbye Unrealitymag…im officially out too…