Is This The Coolest Wheelchair of All Time?

Being disabled or hurt is certainly no laughing matter.   But it’s also one that requires a lot of care and attention.   Unfortunately in cases where a person can’t walk they’re forced to either use a walker, cane, or in worst instances, a wheelchair.  However, it doesn’t have to be all bad!  At least not today.

We just came across these pictures of one of the coolest pieces of machinery out there.   I mean if I had to be in a wheelchair there’s no doubt this is the one I’d pick. Built on a one-piece steel chassis and powered by high-torque electric motors, this custom Tank Chair with rubber tracks can take its owner anywhere and back.

Check out the photos after the jump…

Thanks to Tankchair for the pictures

  • Chrispy

    Having just broke my leg Tuesday night I need this now.

  • 7eggert

    If it was (one of) the coolest wheelchair(s), he’d be wearing swimming trunks.

    Still, it’s pretty cool.

  • chilipalmer99

    I actually worked with the guy who invented this. His wife was in a bad accident, and he used some of the insurance money from the accident to build the chair. He left the company I was at shortly afterwards to start up the tank chair.