30 Awesome iPhone Auto Correct Screw Ups

We’re not quite at the point where machines are taking over the earth.  However, we’re certainly getting there.  Someday I predict the iPhone (probably version 100.8) will be smarter than most human beings.

But at this stage in the game these little machines are still bringing along some cute flaws.  Since they can’t think like us humans they do the best job they can but trying to fill in our missing pieces.  Let us take the autocorrect feature for example.

It doesn’t always fill in the words the way you want it to…..

Thanks to DYA for these photos.

Tee hee.  Isn’t that cute?  Oh but it gets much much better.

More Autocorrect blunders

  • Guy Incognito

    The funniest one I’ve experienced is Muskoka (cottage country North of Toronto) being auto-corrected as Muslims.

  • Bert

    You just know some of the programmers at Apple are inserting nonsense words into the autocorrect just to mess with people. I mean, a lot of the time when I mistype words the suggestions that come up not only don’t make sense, but they aren’t even close to being a real word!

    And also, the sheer presence of Jersey Shore makes me confident that my simple iPhone 4 is ALREADY smarter than many people. Maybe not most, but definitely a significant number.

  • J5