Impressive Cosplay Ladies from Igromir 2012

Just as we have a plethora of gaming, comic, electronics, car, you name it conventions here in the states, Russia seems to be coming on strong in catching up to the rest of the world with its own conventions.   Personally I think the Moscow Auto show is one of the best in the world.

However, I never heard of Igromir, their biggest video game expo until this year.  It’s a shame too because I’d have paid more attention to it over the years.   In any event, Igromir 2012 featured not only some amazing video games and displays but also an impressive batch of cosplayers.

Check out some of the female costumes after the jump….

Thanks to Aroshin Photography for the pics

  • dahch00

    Well, as a resident of Moscow, what can i say? =) Auto show here is really awesome, been there every year. About this… I believe that in US people put on costumes on different comicons just to have fun, here however its all fake… I mean organisation hosted the whole event just paid theese girls (presumably some kind of models) to attract attention of nerdy male visitors =) sorry for my english, not my native language… take care

  • trashcanman

    First thought was “10/10: would marry” on each of these awesome ladies. Dahch00 kind of bummed me out by telling me they were all paid to do it though, so they all get downgraded to “8/10: would love”. It’s way more attractive to me when they are doing it because they love it.

  • Late to the party as usual, but yeah, my booth babe detector actually broke from overload. You can tell by the way a lot of them are standing they don’t really know who the hell they are.

    They are all beautiful, of course.

  • Heche

    I guess here, impressive=young looking chicks in either skin tight or skimpy outfits XD

    How predictable.