If Famous Duos/Groups Became Merged

OK so whenever this “merging” stuff came out it really freaked me out.  I mean we all know the power of photoshop but I almost feel like it should be banned from doing certain things.   Making merged photos out of two people is a practice I seriously think should be banned.

Like remember when that celebrity baby craze happened a couple years ago?  People were doing pictures of what it would look like if two celebrities had a kid?

Well, here’s a project from Something Awful that takes famous duos and groups and switches them up a bit.  It’s freaky to say the least….


X Files Madness

Batman and Robin

Simon and Garfunkel

The Potter Clan – Ouch


Lucy and Desi

Regis and Kathy

This is beginning to freak me out….

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  1. Xioninon November 17, 2011

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