Ice Cube: Probably The Best Then and Now Picture of the Year

Ice Cube

You know it’s actually quite fortuitous that this picture came out.  I have to be honest.  I’ve really been trying to pin point the whole “what happened to Ice Cube” thing.

And in all honesty I was kind of at a loss for words.  But this picture sums it up quite nicely don’t you think?  I guess words were never needed.

Wow, we’re a long way from Doughboy and NWA aren’t we Mr. Cube….

That’s showbiz for ya.

  • illeaturfamily

    Is that B-Real of Cypress Hill sitting next to him?

  • Everyone ages. Few mature. Kudos for Cube’s maturity.

  • Madison

    @ illeaturfamily

    It 100% is, yes.

    @ Lorin

    Agree. Why live a dangerous lifestyle at this point? Anyway, on a recent album (yes, he still raps), Cube said something the along the lines of “say what you want, but I’m still a gangsta and I know how to get PAID.” Good for him, I say.

  • Joe

    Snoop dogg is still snoop dogg! HA!

  • Drester

    I hate it when rappers still think they are gangsta when they have a house in the hamptons an what not.

  • Madison

    @ Drester

    Just because they get rich doesn’t mean they’re not gangsta. You think a guy like Cube, who grew up in Compton, was affiliated with gangs, and sold drugs, is all of a sudden a big softie? No way. He’s just gotten older, smarter, and has learned to enjoy life. No way would I mess with him.

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