How Harry Potter Could Have (Should Have?) Ended


As much as I loved the Harry Potter series, the ending always felt a bit too…neat to me. Spoiler alert (but come on, read them already, or at least see the movies), the good guys win, only minor characters die, and everyone grows up and has little kids named after their parent’s heroes.

It works within the context of the story, and I never thought Harry should die in the end, but there needed to be just a bit more to it, I thought. Perhaps this is that something. A Harry Potter uber-fan (via io9)came up with this alternate ending that’s based on the central prophecy of the books. Between Harry Potter and Voldemort, neither can live while the other survives. What if that was taken a step further? What if Harry killing Voldemort had an…unintended side effect?

See the full image that explains everything below. It’s a bit too trippy for the existing series, but it’s a cool thought:


  • cypher20

    Ok that IS cool. I’m a sucker for happy endings so I didn’t mind that Harry Potter ended that way. Also, I was so blown away by the way she tied everything from the previous books together that it was hard to find much to criticize, well except the meandering first half of Book 7. Anyway, while I’m iffy if that idea would have worked in the book itself, part of me thinks yes, part no, it is still a very cool idea.

  • Reverend Spith

    Then again, who says that’s NOT how it ends? We see Harry and Ron and their families a few years later, but there’s no mention one way or another about what happens in another 100 years. Maybe the “happy ending” is simply where the books stopped, but eventually, all of Harry’s friends and loved ones get old and die, but Harry finds himself… still around. Rowling simply hasn’t written that part.

  • Nick Ramsay

    Harry did die. The whole scene with ghost Dumbledore was death, but he was revived. I thought this was obvious.

  • Andy

    I like it.

    I always liked the idea of Harry being revealed as the last horcrux, although that would have been a pretty bleak twist.

  • jae

    In my opinion, it should have been revealed that neville longbottom is the chosen one and harry was chosen by mistake… if neville never killed the snake then voldy would have beaten harry…