How Celebrities Change Over Time: A Gallery

Like any friend of yours who you’ve noticed changed over the years, it’s always fun to see someone you know (whether it’s personally or not) evolve through time.   And if there’s one group of people who are constantly changing, primarily because they have to or they’ll lose credibility and fame, it’s celebrities.

But like any other human beings, some celebrities change more than others.   Here’s a small gallery of some celebrities who have changed over the years.   We didn’t list names because we’re pretty sure you know all of these.

Check out the pics after the jump….

Thanks to 9gag for these

  • Mike

    Oh wow, look how much some of these celebrities changed from when they were FOUR YEARS OLD! /adam sandler

  • Mikealso

    9gag? really?

  • joe

    Haha I was just going to say that.. people do age.. it’s AMAzing!!!

  • Amy

    The Axl Rose picture is the toughest one to look at.

  • Someone

    I wont ever never understand why nicki minaj destroyed herself like that.. She was pretty good looking before..