The Illustrated History of the Batmobile

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I don’t think we really need an accompanying paragraph here do you?  Nah.  Just feel free to comment away.  This thing is awesome.

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  • Mojo

    all it needs is the Batmobile from the Dark Knight Returns

  • Marc

    Where the one from Batman Beyond?

  • jaromir

    Still love the “89” movie version, BTAS and the Detective comics of 2008 are nice.

  • jgifos

    And yet again, you find something half a year late and post it on here. You’re like a foreign country, completely behind the times of where America’s at.

  • JohnPaul

    But, Batman sucks though. 🙁

    Yeah I agree with jgifos, I used to think this website was the shit until I realised it was basically sucking the life out of all the other decent websites. This website is typically first on the list for bumping to the more decent websites, pretty much only functioning as a search engine.

    And your love of Pokémon is really fucking disturbing and frankly, pisses me off. Each to their own, though.

  • b003

    Tumbler rules! Better be back in the next one.

  • Brian

    The Tumbler in Batman Begins: The Dark Knight had 44″ Super Swampers on the rear only. The front tires were actually Hoosier DT-3’s (or similar) that are used as the right rear tire on dirt Sprint Cars that race on short tracks throughout the US, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.