Hilarious Old School Photos of Justin Timberlake

If you don’t know then you should know that we here at Unreality are actually fans of Justin Timberlake.  Don’t get me wrong, as a young person I did not like him at all.  Then again, he wasn’t an actor, wasn’t funny yet, and still was Mr. Boy Band.  However, Timberlake has evolved in a way I could only compare to Mark Wahlberg.

While Timberlake isn’t quite there acting yet, it’s amazing to see how transformed he is both fashion wise, the way he speaks, and how he carries himself.  It’s evident that he’s grown up.

And honestly I don’t think he’s even started yet.   We respect him greatly but I have to admit, it’s pretty damned funny looking at these pictures.  In fact I found it hard not to laugh at most of these….

We’d like to thank Buzzfeed for these incredible finds.

Good God look at these guys.  Wow.

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  • turkish_dude

    it isn’t really a shock..that’s the same guy and we will most likely see Justi Bieber in 5-10 years exactly where Timberlake is and people will say “well whadda you know he’s cool”….Those young people in entertaintment bussiness are cooler and nicer than most average guys/girls.(the hatred among them is a good combination of homophobia and jelousy i think..Haters should just grow up.and this is coming from a straight guy)

  • Sam

    I think timberlake is miles ahead of wahlberg acting wise. Sure he hasn’t had as many roles but he kills every one I’ve seen him in. wahlberg on the other hand had only impressed me in before nights and the departed. Timberlake is also much more accomplished musically. His newer solo music is awesome and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves.

  • Sam

    Boogie* nights
    Stupid phone

  • Willie McCoy

    @Sam: His music is not awesome.