It’s Hermione Grainger Cosplay!

Given all the Harry Potter craziness over the last ten years and given how I think the whole “Emma Watson” is hot thing is nearly exhausted at this point, it’s becoming difficult to come up with new and innovative Harry Potter topics.

But no worries.  The creative minds of today have been working hard to give you tasteless photos time and time again.  So since we’re not gonna focus on Emma Watson herself, we might as well share some interesting renditions of her coveted character Hermione Grainger….

Enjoy the pics…

Thanks to MTV for these….

  • Damn. Whoever is selling that costume made a mint this Halloween.

  • Gale

    its Granger not Grainger

    and oddly a lot of the cosplays are sold as Harry costumes for females which is why a lot of them have glasses. Always found that a bit weird

  • 13m

    Not nearly as hot as the real thing, in my opinion

  • Samantha

    I’m annoyed by the sluttiness, as Hermoine never dressed like a slut. The girl with the book is the only girl who looks like she has more on her mind that “Am I hot yet?”, even then, her skirt is very short.