Hawkeye Initiative Cosplay in Action


You all should remember my post a week or two ago that talked about The Hawkeye Initiative. The idea was to take the oversexual poses of females in comic books and apply them to Hawkeye, so we can see how ridiculous they truly are.

Well, the experiment has now crossed over into the real world, and we have our first bit of Hawkeye Initiative above. The photo was snapped by this guy, and we don’t yet know the name of our posing hero with a fine behind as of yet. Internet fame may soon reveal him, however.

I just tried to do this pose in my office and I almost fell over. I think my neighbors saw me. Try it, it defies biology more than you think.


  • Emilio

    This just looks wrong. But they did the same with Black Widow in the movie, right? Nine more guys doing this and we can call it even. I hope.

  • Carmelo

    Any man that participates in that silliness needs his man card revoked

  • More like be issued a Man Card Platinum. Or better yet, the Man Card Centurion (also known informally as the Man Card Black), which has no limit.

    I would. So hard.

  • Carmelo

    The Comic Book readership is 75% male, and males enjoy imagery of sexually attractive women. And there isn’t anything wrong with that.

    The ‘Hawkeye Initiative’ is another attempt to make men feel bad for our natural inclinations. And any man who gets guilted into self oppression needs to re-examine his own masculinity.

  • chuck

    Although I have objection to the skimpy outfits of most female characters in comic books, I think the Hawkeye Initiative is funny. Anyone who gets upset over it has be very thin-skinned. More importantly, well done, Anonymous Cosplayer. I attempted this pose myself and couldn’t even come close. Dude must be some kinda yoga master.

  • This guy could pull inordinate amounts of tail with this pic alone. Your arguments disparaging his masculinity are invalid.

  • Rodimus Mike

    Bitch that most comics are shallow and need more characterization, but insist that women characters should always be sexy and with barely any clothes…The Declaration of the Comic Nerd.

    Here’s an idea! Gentlemen, you wanna get laid? You want girls to like you? Here’s a thought: When a girl says something bothers her, don’t fight her! Don’t tell her she’s wrong, or that she’s trying to oppress your manliness. Accept that you don’t know what the other side is like and stop playing the victim. The world isn’t trying to make you feel bad for getting a half chub, stop trying to take control of the debate with your made up problems.

    Move out of the basement, respect women and demand that they are treated well, in every way, shape and form, the same as you would demand for your own daughters. GROW UP.

  • Online 9

    I dressed as Hawkeye for a party my university house had a few weeks ago. There may or may not be Hawkeye initiative pictures on the internet now.
    Stupid decision to wear tights.