This is What you Call Dedication to Gaming

Hardcore Gamers

I’ll never forget when I was a kid and I used to play my Nintendo, Genesis, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, you name it until the wee hours of the morning.  Nothing was greater than buying a new game and playing it until your eyes practically popped out of your head because you were so obsessed about beating the final boss.

But I think it’s safe to say that even I (and probably you) had my limits.  Hell if my parents yelled out “dinner!” I knew it was time to press pause.

Something tells me the gentlemen in this photo wouldn’t exactly listen to “dinner” calls.  I mean if they’re not listening to Typhoons they must be pretty damned dedicated to their craft.

  • BanditOne

    Bright Side: Don’t have to stop for those pesky bathroom breaks.

  • MacGyver1138

    Man that looks like a bad idea. If they have live power to their outlets, what’s stopping them from getting fried?

  • Madison

    Reminds me of the Warcraft South Park episode.

  • tincho

    that looks like a simple public cybercafe in the third world. probably those kids were paying for an hour of gaming.

  • @tincho

    Look for a bit longer….

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  • gnarbucketz

    …or maybe they work for a gold farming outfit, and if they don’t play through the flood they won’t get their bowl of rice for the day.

  • FingBS

    Ya gnar you’re absolutely right! They are some tired-@$$ gold farmers that are ruining online gaming. The good thing is though, that when they kill the industry, they won’t have jobs anymore and will have forgotten how to do any real life farming, so they will just die off. I win!

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  • this is the new water cooling system. looks like they are playing but they are the animators of Avatar and this is the server farm. very nice.

  • time child

    i believe that is in the Philippines. And they are playing Warcraft 3’s DotA

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  • marutin

    Wow to the racist comments.

    They are neither gold farmers or farmers IRL.

    They’re playing Cabal.

    This was in the middle of typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy in the Philippines.

    That’s a local gaming cafe probably somewhere in Manila.

    There are a couple of more pictures. Later on they stop playing and move the computers ‘cos the flood got too high. As you can see the electrical wires all run on top of the table and up the wall.

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