Awesome Pics of the Golden Age of Comics Sketch Cards

There was a time in history when comic books weren’t movies.  There was a time when comic books didn’t really have great illustrations or sexy chicks.  There was a time when comic books appeared to be extremely boring by today’s standards.  But back then?  Well today we call it the Golden Age of Comic Books.

And back then this stuff was a real crowd pleaser.  Talk about some weird characters and drawings.   I happened to come across this awesome gallery of old sketches from these time periods (30s, 40s, 50s) and I thought you guys would certainly enjoy them.

Here are 15 awesome golden age of comics sketches….

Thanks to 10thletter for these pics

The Bogey Man

Mother Hubbard

The Puzzler

Captain Red Cross

Madame Satan

Atlas the Mighty

The Claw

Purple Claw

The Clown

Atomic Rabbit

Dr Macabre



Rex Dexter of Mars


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