GIF of the Week: This Guy is Amazing

This GIF may have the least to do with our website theme than just about any GIF we’ve posted.   But I swear to God it was absolutely impossible to pass this up.  How could I?

If anyone has any information on this man and his whereabouts, please for Pete’s sake send us his details because we have to get the full story behind how this video came to be, what the inspiration was, everything.

Clips like this only come around once in a while so it was our obligation to post.   Thank you.

  • Lando

    Looks like David Tennant

  • Mr Cinema

    Beat me to it! Every time I see this that’s all I think as well.

  • Nicole

    That’s David Tennant, duh.

  • Rosstopher

    Its the doctor, David Tennant. What ever happened to Paul getting around to watching the reboot of the new series?

  • Gregory

    wow i was just going to say:looks like david tennant! glad i am not the only one

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  • JohnD

    original video here —–>

    p.s. not David Tennant

  • JohnD

    p.p.s go to 6:56 to see not david Tennant jumping

  • thejimpoz

    he jumps of the ladder and it played backwards