GIF of the Week: The Fat Mac Dance

I’m not going to lie.  Always Sunny hasn’t impressed me all that much this season.  Granted I still think it’s one of the funniest shows on television, the “newness” has pretty much faded.   And how can you blame ’em?  It’s been seven years.  I just think shows like Workaholics and The League that are still novel in concept give me more to look forward to.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not a huge fan of Fat Mac this season.  He’s still holding it together.  Or is he?

This GIF just about says it all.

  • Squish78

    This season has been the best in years. If you read Alan Sepinwalls reviews, he sums up very well how I feel about the show.

  • wizardface

    This season was a lot better than the last one. But the reunion episodes were very week IMO. Was expecting an episode called the revenge to be dark as hell.

  • compson

    are you kidding me, the “freedom ’90” dance completely solidified the season

  • Jim Lahey

    There were only two jokes this entire season that made me laugh. The first was the visual shock humor of Charlie throwing up all the blood capsules he swallowed in the first episode. The second was when we found out Mac’s real name is Ronald McDonald in the reunion episode.

    I have a problem with the Ronald McDonald joke, even though it made me laugh. It shows that Always Sunny is out of anything resembling a new idea. They went six seasons without resorting to explaining why Mac is only called Mac, just to ruin it in season 7 because they ran out of every other funny idea in their heads. If they had explained it in season 2 or 3, that would have been fine, but they waited so long that the only explanation is lack of ideas.

  • Deke

    I’m with Squish and Wizardface. This season has been the best in a couple years.

  • Jim Lahey

    I think that people who say this season is the best out of the last few are being tricked, because this season is exactly as bad as last season. Always Sunny had been declining steadily for a couple seasons, and now it has finally hit it’s rock bottom, so people confuse this lack of decline with an incline.

  • Trey

    I think the show has never been, and will never be “bad”. Even when it’s not at it’s best, it’s still funnier than half the other crap on television. I don’t really watch the show for it’s plots or for groundbreaking new ideas. I watch it for the characters. I’ve spent 7 seasons now watching these characters, that i don’t really care WHAT the writers have them doing, it’s gonna be funny seeing THEM do it. I don’t know if that makes much sense, but that’s my opinion.

    Also, I’m waiting for the episode where Dennis actually does rape someone (or at least plan/try to…they might be completely comfortable with him actually going through with it). You know it’s coming, they alude to it often enough.

  • Jadis

    I’m going to actually comment on the gif;

    “Oh yeah! Shake it fat boy! Momma loves a man with some meat! Mmmm ummmm, Yummy!”