GIF of the Week: The Best Kiss Cam Capture of the Year

Normally when we post GIFs they have a little more to do with the theme of our website.   As in they might have a movie theme.  Perhaps give reference to a video game or television show.  But honestly I just couldn’t pass this up.  We’ve all been to sporting events.  And we’ve all seen the kiss cam.   Secretly we’re all hoping we can be on it even though we have no idea what we’d really do.

Well, I’m sure both of these guys had no clue it would turn out this way.   Classic stuff right there.

  • uncoolaidman

    You press the spacebar a lot after each sentence. It looks weird.

  • thenottakenname

    I love the way he pours it in his ear and then just rubs his head, like just does a full circle on there. I cracked up

  • mexicant1

    this is staged. i can tell from the pixels and from yellow shirts face in the beginning

  • Wite Boy

    yea this dont look real