GIF Of The Week: So This is TV Today Eh?

In the history of me writing on the internet, I’ve probably posted about 10 articles on the insane life of children pageants.   I have equated them to child abuse and think that they are literally just a few steps away from being child pornography.

Seriously.   This is just a really creepy subculture.  I mean how is this different from a serial killer who likes to dress up kids as dolls?  OK it’s different but I think it’s closer to that than being a real competition where mothers are hopeful their daughters win.

I mean this is flat out insanity and most mothers live through their children and don’t even see them as human beings.   I can’t get into this right now because it makes me so angry but hopefully this GIF will both make you laugh but give you awareness too.

  • HarshReality79

    That girl is gonna grow up a hooker. When can we round up all the crazies and shoot them at the sun?

  • VileThings

    I don’t get the appeal either. Those children grow up with their values all screwed up. Does it impress anyone when you tell them “yeah, I was a beauty queen when I was six”?

  • Poor kids.

  • Jim Lahey

    I feel so bad for those little girls. The only up side is that that girl’s mother is going to die from diabetes in 5 years, which will let her daughter go through puberty without her horrific influence.

  • jaromir

    Hey I totally agree, I actually can’t even stand this show when it’s on television for a second, I admittedly change the station or turn off the tv in disgust. And just seeing this .gif makes me angry, IMO there is nothing cute about it…those poor children.

    Sometimes I really do wish that people would have to be subjected to rules and regulations/psych evaluations to see if they’re fit to be parents to children and even animals. As horrible as that sounds.

    oh well

  • JessKitty

    I just cannot understand why there isn’t more cries of outrage at this. People are so paranoid about their children becoming the victims of pedophiles, but there is a whole subculture of parents, tarting their kids up like little whores.

    Kids can be really cute. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a little pageants that show how well little Tammy sings and dances and how cute she is, but let’s show it as cute CHILDREN not “Here is what my daughter would look like if she was a ten dollar whore!”

    I think these parents should be forced, by law, to read stories and fantasies of pedophiles. You’ll see things about how these little darlings were “asking for it” by “wearing slut clothes” and “wiggling suggestively.” I’m not saying Pedophiles are justified in this, they aren’t. And no child, I don’t care how badly the mother has tarted them up, deserves to be touched, but for God’s sake, don’t go out of your way to make your child look like a pedophile buffet!

    Childhood is fleeting, but it leaves a huge impact on your life. Little children should look back on their childhood as a time of sweet innocence, at least from a sexual POV. They should never have to look back and say, “Wow, didn’t I look cute in those CFM boots?”

  • Seal

    I think this sort of thing is disgusting and the TV shows perpetuating the outrageously flamboyant pageants should be taken off the air. Some of the girls I’ve seen on the one episode I watched (I didn’t have a say in the station at the time) were under stress not fit for a child and, I thought, developing some good potential for long-term mental/emotional/psychological problems. At the very least, the ones like this are having these young girls’ priorities lie in the wrong place. And people wonder why our society is going downhill?

  • Kim

    Kill it and the mini-me before they lay more eggs…

  • VileThings

    That’s a common misconception about pedophilia. Pedophiles don’t like children dressed up like little whores, they like children wearing normal children clothes. They are sexually attracted to everything that makes a child a child. Whorish clothes and make-up are not one of those things, or they might as well be attracted to adults.