GIF of the Week: Pretty Crafty Pick Up

Well here’s my question.  Is this from a TV show or was this really caught at an airport?  Either way this is a pretty slick pick up if you ask me.   And if it is in fact real footage then do you think this guy is stealing the bag or is this some kind of a drop?  I’d like to think it’s a drop but then again rarely does life imitate movies.

Regardless, this is pretty badass.

  • thenightmancometh

    I its from a BBC show called “The Real Hustle” where ex con-men explain how different scams and cons work.

  • Oddjob

    As previously mentioned it’s from a BBC show called “The Real Hustle”. Fun and interesting show.

  • Ross LaDrillo

    No, it’s totally from real life. That’s why there are multiple camera angles of it happening. C’mon, Nattyb – pay attention.