GIF Of the Week: Lord Help Us

Does anyone remember a time when Gary Busey was actually kind of awesome?  I mean the dude played Buddy Holly.   He was a total badass in the movie The Firm.   It’s not like he wasn’t a part of the elite in Hollywood.

What in the hell went wrong with this guy?  I can only assume tons of drugs right?  But what gets a guy that low?  And now his whole career is centered around him being crazy so he kind of has to act this way.  Kind of sucks.

Nevertheless, this is one scary GIF.

  • He actually suffered from brain damage when he got into a motorcycle accident and wasn’t wearing a helmet…

  • Peteara

    He was awesome in Lethal Weapon, and his fight with Mel Gibson is still exciting to watch.

  • Uncoolaidman

    He is way more awesome now than he ever was before. How can anyone not see that? Just go watch Gingerdead man and tell me I’m wrong.

  • bobafett

    His teeth are frightening.

    Gary has had a myriad of personal problems. In addition, he never had a lot of range as an actor either.

  • pedro

    One day watching The Soup they got an interview with him, he was using some kind of marine/parachute gear and was supposed to talk about the film and did it in 3 takes they showed unedited:

    1- Everyone will love this film
    2- This film is crap, i hated working here (wlaks off screen)
    3- (back to his seat) Oh, it was great, i loved everything

  • Steve

    Your worst nightmare, butthorn!!

  • Hoggins

    He had a motorcycle wreck that left him a tad damaged but he threw on The Ultra Crazy for something to do. He’s not actually anywhere near as bad as he puts on.