GIF Of the Week: Jack is Happy!

I’ve never seen a GIF in my entire life where you had to wait this long.  It’s absolutely awesome.   Seriously I almost wish I could see the entire movie The Shining in little bits like this.   By the way, does anyone out there know the best way to make GIFs?  We’re trying to make some homegrown ones here on the site.

I would imagine it’s not all that difficult but any suggestions would be great.  Which reminds me.   Folks out there.   Please send in any GIFs you’ve made at home and if they make the cut we’ll feature them here.

Happy Trails….

  • TechTerry

    I’ve always used GIMP for creation of gifs and its free a fairly easy to use.

  • Steve
  • Gill

    I try to make a gif every week. I use Adobe After Effects to extra the image sequences and Jasc Animation Shop to give ’em life and optimize them.

  • KierzoSBC

    Microsoft GIF Animator…easy as pie to use. Just use Photoshop or gimp to edit your images, save them as GIFs and load them into MGA in order. The software will then tunr them all into one animated GIF file…