GIF of the Week: Is this the Meanest Gaming Reaction of All Time?

I know that all of you are waiting for Christmas tomorrow.  You’re hoping you get that awesome Xbox or PS3 system that you’ve craved.  Or maybe it’s a membership to some kind of RPG or multi-player platform.   Just be careful who you’re playing with and more importantly who you are playing next to.

You really don’t want this happening to the opponent you either just beat or let down because you screwed up while on the same team.  Happy holiday!

  • Mike

    I am gonna call Bravo Sierra on this. It is fake-o, big time.

  • Wite Boy

    my friend was beating… a former friend in NBA 2k11. my friend was talking shit, like really bad. soooo the guy got pissed and ended up putting a gun to my friends head… my friend put the controller down and said “hey you got it, you got it.” and walked out.

    THAT is a mean reaction

  • Draugr

    Bad photoshop is bad.

    The guy’s keyboard isn’t even connected to anything.

  • MoFoJames

    You do realize that they make wireless keyboards, right?

  • Deighvyd

    @Mofo – You do realize that the keyboard in the video we are discussing has a ‘cable’? Yeah… thanks for playing and paying attention.

  • Jadis

    if you’re getting that upset about a game maybe you shouldn’t be playing it.

  • DatBoyK


    That doesn’t mean anything. The cable could have been fairly long or he could have just swung it without any regard to the well being of the hardware. It could have ripped out of the ports it was in when he swung it.