GIF of the Week: I Need to Know this Movie Now

There are two movie scenes I think we neglect too often on this site.  The first one is the Bollywood scene.  I mean I know we’ve posted silly videos and pictures of crazy scenes from those wacked out “martial arts” Indian films.  So yeah, we’ve done a little of that.

But how about this thing?  This comes right from the “let’s top Godzilla and just go nuts” factory.   I know some of you out there probably know what this movie is so we’re all ears and would love to get some more clips if possible.

  • Marcelo

    I think it is from an episode of Spectreman. The 70s look and the gimmick of a monster that can change into human form and back both fit that Japanese series.

  • Kyle

    Dengeki Sentai Changeman?

  • Austin

    Could be any number of Japanese Tokusatsu shows. My guess is early Kamen Rider or Super Sentai.

  • GrandWazoo

    The first thing I thought of was Power Rangers, since that woman looked like one of the countless monsters the show had. So I guess what I’m saying is that I agree with the others, since Power Rangers got all that footage from these Japanese shows.

  • trashcanman

    God, that little dance at the end really makes this gif sing. Nice find. No clue on the sauce, though. Japan puts out so much of that kind of stuff a year you’d have to live there to follow it all.

  • mikelar

    it might be super inframan