GIF of the Week: For all Those Who Loved Hulkamania

And I’m talking about Hulkamania when Hulk Hogan was a good guy.  I’m talking about way back in the day when he was in the WWF before it became the WWE.   I’m talking about the days before his reality show, before he had that stupid black beard and was head of his New World Order.   I’m talking about back when he and mean Gene had hilarious interviews like this.

SO yeah.  I guess you could say I was a fan of Hulkamania.   And judging by mean Gene about to crack up here you could tell these guys were loving it too.

  • Steve2

    I was once a Hulkamaniac. Now I’m a Little Warrior. Post one of his crazy promos (believe me, there’s plenty to choose from).

  • Bert

    Still, I don’t know anyone who cut a better promo than the late, great Macho Man.