GIF of The Week: Do Not Feel Bad For Leo Despite This

He was definitely a little pissed when get got passed up as best actor at the Golden Globes for his portrayal of J. Edgar Hoover in favor of that French guy for not saying any words at all in The Artist.

Does anyone want to take any bets here that this annoying, no talking, silent movie will sweep this year’s Oscars?  I’ll give anyone 10-1 that this thing rakes it in.

Why does the academy love to be so artsy?  I don’t get it.  Don’t worry Leo, we still love you.

  • zligo

    How comes LaBeouf didn’t get an oscar for Transformers 3 ? this is not annoying at all, there are lots of screaming and explosions, and the right music at the right moment (violin=cry, hard rock=wow !).

  • Jadis

    Leo’s a good actor most of the time. I think he deserves something. There’s a lot of actors out there though. It’s a tough competition.

  • From what I heard, most despised his portrayal of Hoover and he was only included because the foreign press, the ones responsible for the Globes, love him

  • That annoying, no talking, silent (redundant much?) film happens to be fantastically acted and have an intriguing, well-constructed story.

  • Diva D

    What P-Funk said.

  • The Dead Burger

    What P-Funk and Diva D said. Don’t talk about The Artist like that. It’s an excellent film.

  • Diarmuid212

    The Artist sucked hardcore. I tried watching it, got half-way and just gave up because it was just retarded. Movies like this aren’t good just because they are different.

    How can a guy win a best actor nowadays for a role without lines? If they’re allowing this then Andy Serkis should have a stack of Oscars. I understand the premise of snubbing Serkis, but to turn around and reward that guy is retarded.

  • Danny

    He’s an awesome actor, but Really ? J. Edgar ? Is that really his best performance ?
    Try The Basketball Diaries.

    And GOD you’re just stupid thinking that The Artist is an artsy movie. It’s entertaining as hell. J. Edgar ? Not that much.

  • Mike

    I honestly didn’t expect to think much of the Artist and although the premise is simple it was still an enjoyable film with some clever uses of the old silent movie method.
    I don’t believe it deserves all the awards as it’s already done well at the Golden Globes and at the BAFTA’s and it probably will score big at the Oscars too for the wrong reasons.

    But annoying it is not sir.

  • joshua

    @Diarmuid212 i think getting a point across and conveying emotion without the use of words requires more a lot more “acting” than most speaking roles.

  • I think “The Artist” is a nice film, has a great lead performance (the others, not so much) and deserves to exist by any reasonable standard. That being said, it is baffling to me how could anyone say it has an “intriguing story”. It’s quite simple and predictable. And relies, almost entirely, on animal reaction shots for laughs. I wish people wouldn’t have touted it as the best film of the year. It made for a bit of a disappointment.

  • Remy Carreiro

    The best part is clearly the MOMENT you can pinpoint the death of Leo’s soul, he sprouts a Seth Rogen out of his shoulder.

  • Tooga

    @Joshua It’s called overacting. It’s a lot easier to do than just acting.

    It’s not all that difficult to make a silent black and white movie with no effects. I love the Artist because it’s an amazing tribute to old films and was a good story told well. It deserves some recognition. But it’s getting way too much where others deserve it much more.

    And didn’t George Clooney get best actor? Jean Dujardin won in a different category without Leo I though.

  • jmac

    Thumbs up to Seth Rogan checking out that chicks GINORMOUS cans!


  • joshua


    he won “best actor in comedy or musical”

    and yeah, i understand the concept of overacting, but there are moments in that movie where he wasnt doing that. i would say most of the movie wasnt overacting as he was essentially playing two roles. there was valentin the actor (over-acting) and there was valentin the man (acting)…

    when he was in front of the camera or performing for crowds, then yes… but there was no overacting in the scene with peppy on the stairs after he is fired. and you could tell exactly how he was feeling despite the fact that no words were spoken on his end. there wasnt even any text, if i remember correctly.

    or how about when they were filming the scene where he bumped into peppy and danced with her. no words and you could tell throughout those outtakes (of the film within the film) how he was developing a connection with her. that was acting. not overacting.

    i was responding to diarmuid asking “How can a guy win a best actor nowadays for a role without lines?”… and thats just a ridiculous question. words have absolutely nothing to do with it.