GIF of the Week: Come On, This is So Awesome

I was never a fan of Chuck Norris with the long hair.   I almost feel like it was a phase or something.  In fact I think the entire Texas Walker Ranger stuff was a phase.   Norris was actually trying to be tough back then whereas now, we just know he’s tough and I think he’s embraced it.

Hell even with his infomercial stuff I don’t even care.   Did you guys know the dude is over 70?  Yes.  70 years old and he could still kick most of our asses with his eyes shut.

That is all.

  • Korky

    Too bad his brain has rotted, being infested with creationist and homophobic nonsense as it is.

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife

    Except Chuck Norris is no longer worth anyone’s respect or admiration. He’s an anti-gay nutjob writing horrifying and partially plagiarized articles for right-wing hate site “World News Daily”, a site famed for lying, distorting real news article, promoting Birther nonsense about Obama, pushing Gay=Pedophile bullshit, and proudly advocating for the passage of the Uganda “Kill The Gays” bill. Norris has openly advocated the criminalization, exportation and abusing of Gay people, and the man is deplorable pondscum.

    Chuck Norris ACTUAL fact; He’s a worthless gay-baiting piece of shit whose 15 minutes were up 2 decades ago, and he’s picked hateful bigotry as his method of attempting to regain relevance.

  • OTWarrior

    What show/movie is this from?

  • Steve

    Probably Walker:Texas Ranger. I swear, the more clips of this show I see, the more I wonder why the whole Chuck Norris facts meme didn’t start sooner.

  • Jason

    Watching the froth on the rabid lips of the so-called liberals I can only conclude, Chuck Norris is awesome.

  • Justin Burns

    Chuck Norris is a punkass bitch and would lose an arm-wrestling match with my deceased great grandmother.

  • Penny Sautereau-Fife

    @Jason; And the Right-Wing thug proves why “liberals” are better people. *yawns*

  • Shawne Winter

    @OTWarrior, It is from the movie Forest Warrior, it is more of a kid movie.