Get a Load of Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

I’m pretty sure if there’s anyone out there that doesn’t like Mr. Potato Head then they should be banished from this country.   I mean seriously who the hell doesn’t love Mr. Potato Head?  And who the hell came up with this concept?  I mean a potato?  It’s genius.

And over the years you pretty much just need Mr. Potato to be amused.  I mean we haven’t really seen to many alterations to him except for his outfits.

But alas, someone has decided to give him a truly awesome makeover.  Check out the steampunked Potato Head after the jump….

Thanks to Instructables for the photos

Going from this….


  • Josh

    Some people have way too much time on their hands.

    And man do I love those people.

  • Galahad

    Dat’s nuffin!
    Check out da space ork tater-stompa!

    Seriously, this is why I like Space Orks in warhammer 40k, you can just make fun shit and it plays. Tater-stompa is way steam-punkier than that contraption

  • Zombie Hunter

    Agreed the Warhammer stompa is way better!