Get a Load of Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

I’m pretty sure if there’s anyone out there that doesn’t like Mr. Potato Head then they should be banished from this country.   I mean seriously who the hell doesn’t love Mr. Potato Head?  And who the hell came up with this concept?  I mean a potato?  It’s genius.

And over the years you pretty much just need Mr. Potato to be amused.  I mean we haven’t really seen to many alterations to him except for his outfits.

But alas, someone has decided to give him a truly awesome makeover.  Check out the steampunked Potato Head after the jump….

Thanks to Instructables for the photos

Going from this….



  1. Josh October 5, 2010
  2. Galahad October 5, 2010
  3. Zombie Hunter October 5, 2010

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